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Information is far more available than actual knowledge! The Internet is filled with facts and opinions but how reliable and useful are they?

A primary goal of PF Warriors revolves around ways we can help you make sense out of all the various resources and how to apply those resources based on your personal situation.

We invite healthcare professionals to address specific topics related to the treatment of pulmonary diseases during our meetings. Warriors appreciate straight talk and candid answers from both pulmonary researchers and medical experts.

We also tap geographically distant experts who then present their views during our virtual sessions held over the Internet. Warriors are welcome to attend both in-person meetings and our virtual Internet.

Supplier representatives provide additional knowledge on topics such as specialty medications, oxygen options, counseling, and physical therapy.

PF Warriors often learn a lot from each other!

It is normal for members to relate their personal experiences to others during meetings and within our closed private site on Messages posted on our closed site are only seen by fellow approved members, not by those using our public Facebook site.

Every breath is a gift! Patients coping with pulmonary fibrosis value each deep breath. PF often creates breathlessness with even minor exertion. Fighting for your next breath is no fun, but thankfully there are ways to combat this terrible disease. Warriors gain the upper hand by helping each other.

Patients helping patients!

Two FDA approved medications are available that help slow the progress of the IPF disease, and clinical trials of other candidate drugs are underway. Researchers are making new discoveries related to the root causes of lung fibrosis. There now is real hope of finding ways to halt the progress of pulmonary fibrosis!

Meeting and hearing good news from research experts is truly inspiring. PF Warriors are among the first to learn of medical breakthroughs in global efforts to find ways to halt pulmonary fibrosis. New knowledge on the PF front carries over to research related to fibrosis in other organs. Likewise, findings from research on fibrosis in other vital organs may provide keys to discovering new ways to slow or halt the progress of pulmonary fibrosis.

Lung disease centers are performing more lung transplants with greater rates of success as processes improve. Accurate early diagnosis is key for a lung transplant. A patient’s physical condition and age are important to transplant qualifiers. Transplant teams must consider many factors before qualifying a patient. 


There is always time for fellowship whenever warriors get together. It is healthy to share concerns and gain strength from others. Our active members say that they also benefit by helping others better understand and cope with the changes to daily life often required by PF.

You are not alone! If you are like many of us, you had never heard of pulmonary fibrosis before being diagnosed with this rare disease.

Well, whether you are a brand-new patient or an ‘old hand,’ you are sure to learn information to help you better understand and cope with PF. Many efforts are underway to find new therapies, and perhaps a cure, for the various forms of pulmonary fibrosis. Medical researchers, pulmonary specialists, and major pharmaceutical firms are laser-focused on clinical trials and other curative and gene-related technologies.

Our goal is to serve members with up-to-date knowledge, resources, and tools for living with PF or other ILD disease. Our regular meetings and our virtual Internet-based sessions are ways our patient-run organization delivers support to the PF community.

Many times, the question you have is answered during casual conversation with a fellow warrior.

When you are unclear about something, you can call on our support to help clear up your concern or question. We have a private Facebook site where individual members can gain answers, support, and inspiration from other members at any time.


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