The PF Warriors use Zoom as their prefered online video program or platform.

Pease watch these short videos. Using Zoom is as easy to use as clicking the link we will send you once you have registered for a meeting. 

This short video is about using Zoom from your Desktop computer. 

The following video introduce you to using Zoom on your iPad or phone

Your Zoom meeting invitation will come by email or as a calendar entry.

Click the join link in your email or calendar invitation. Depending on your default web browser, you may be prompted to open Zoom.

You can also join a test meeting to familiarize yourself with Zoom.


  PF Warriors Zoom Blueprint

  • Virtual meetings using Zoom are increasingly important to PF Warriors members. This short overview will help you in using Zoom You don’t need expensive equipment to look like a pro. Apply these tips for your best meeting it can be.
  • We recommend that you use a headset,  iPhone earbuds or a microphone for better quality audio. The earbuds that came with your phone, wireless (Bluetooth) or those that plug into your computer through a microphone or headphone jack or via USB work best. Your computer’s built-in microphone may not give the best quality because it picks up background noise easily and you can sound far away.
  • Minimize background noise and distractions such as pets, machinery, traffic noise, or telephone rings. Close doors and windows, if needed. Alert other household members or co-workers that you are on a call to prevent interruptions. Turn off your phone. The best background is one that is plain with few distractions.
  • Well-lit faces without harsh shadows always look best. If you have a window behind or beside you, shut the blinds to avoid harsh backlighting. If needed, turn on a light in front of you so your face is not in the shadows. Adjust your camera so that your head and shoulders fill most of the screen. Try tilting your screen and webcam toward you so there is not a lot of empty space above your head.
  • Shortly before a meeting stars restart your computer. After startup close all applications except your calendar or email program if this how you received the invitation to the Zoom meeting. Once you have entered the meeting close those applications as well.
  • The strength of the wi-fi signal at your location has a big effect on the quality of transmission. It may help to to reduce other broadband use from your location during the event. This may minimize audio dropping out or picture freezing.
  • If you are having problems, try these steps to improve performance:
    • Make sure all applications and tabs, such as email, other web browsers, and so on are closed
    • Turn off other devices that could use bandwidth
    • Consider running an ethernet cable directly to your computer
  • To  best engage your audience, look directly into your webcam. It is usually at the top of your computer screen. Avoid looking down at your slides for long periods. Looking directly at the webcam gives the impression you are making eye contact with the viewer.
  • The only way to truly know about audio and video quality is to set up a test session before the live event. A few simple changes can make your session look and sound much better. You can test your camera and setup at